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Dynamic Websites!chall_tins

Add news, information and pricing updates to your website as they happen! The days of waiting for your web specialist to add vital information to your webspace are long gone..

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Amazing Package Prices!chall_packages

Booking forms, email addresses, calendars, maps and loads more! Forget the credit crunch, you can buy all you need to customize your webspace with our keenly priced, all inclusive packages...

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Shopping on-line?

Buying, selling, booking? Everybody's doing it on-line! Make sure you don't miss out on precious sales and appointments. Order your e-commerce, customized site with inbuilt secure payment and booking applications... Read More


Free Graphics & Logos!Graphic Design

A tailored set of digital graphics and free logo placement are offered with every website package! Custom corporate and personal identities are available direct from our creative design team. Read More


Get the Xtra Factor!image

The 'X' Factor is that extra special something that creates interest, excitement and gives you just that little bit more. We've got it in spades because we offer more...

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No Maintainance Charges!image

Forget extra monthly and annual maintainance charges, use our easy on-line guides and maintain and update your website absolutely free!

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Step 1

I want to order a Curlinghall.com Website!

image1 Research! Research! Research!

  • Research the legal aspects of your proposed on-line venture i.e. Does my name/ domain name infringe a registered trademark? Check it out. Do it before you start or you could find yourself in court and out of pocket.
  • Research your competition both on-line and offline. Competition is fierce, especially in times of recession. You will be competing with other websites so it's important to make sure you have covered all your bases and that you will be offering what people want.
  • Research other websites. Visit other websites to get ideas, you don't want to copy them but it's ok to be inspired! Get a feel for what you like and don't like and start making notes for yourself.

Step 2

Build a website to engage your visitors

image2Create a website that will be easy and comfortable for your visitors to use.

  • Collect the notes you made in Step 1 and sketch a rough plan on paper. How many pages will you need, will those pages lead to to other pages etc.
  • Start collecting your content (information). Stick to information that your visitors need to know.
  • List 3 websites that you like the look of which you will later send to us on your enquiry form.
  • Check through our features comparison table and decide which features and package will suit your needs.

Step 3

Fill out our on-line enquiry form

  • Send us your on-line enquiry form. You will receive a confirmation email followed by a telephone call to discuss your needs and goals.
  • Within an agreed time frame, you will be sent a www.address where you can see a rough 'mock up' of how your website will look.
  • Telephone calls will follow to change/ confirm your requirements.
  • A price will be agreed.
  • A contract which includes the agreed price will be sent to you.
  • Contracts must be signed and returned for work to commence.
  • Full price or deposit will be required at this point.

Step 4

The hard part is over...


Order pizza, make love, go surfing do whatever floats your boat.

Just wait, we'll take it from here...


Step 5

Hurrah! Your patience has been rewarded...

image5You are now the proud owner of a Curlinghall.com dynamic website!

There's just a couple of things to tidy up before we release you onto the World Wild Web :-)

  • Check and confirm that your website is 'as ordered'.
  • Pay any outstanding monies to Curlinghall.com.
  • You will now receive username and password details to start managing your own site*.
  • You can now create username and password details to access Curlinghall.com turorials.
*full access is available on all websites however, full access may invalidate your 3 month free support bonus. Please check our tweaking policy before requestig full access management rights.
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